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Brilliant Day


Imagine your perfect day – what would you do?

Brilliant Day, METIS

Commissioned by Festival of Thrift as part of THRIFTFEST UPCYCLED 2020, METIS create a BRILLIANT DAY, a live performance involving some of METIS team and THRIFT Festival participants which is broadcast live online on Saturday 12 September 2020 at 11.10am.

Imagine your perfect day – what would you do? Who would you be with? Where would you go?

Imagine this perfect day taking place in a world in which human and planetary flourishing is more important than making money or using up resources – what would become possible? How would your local environment have changed? 

Guided by a beautiful set of postcards, THRIFT festival participants are invited to imagine a perfect day. Their responses will be woven into a script for the BRILLIANT DAY performance in which a collective perfect day will be revealed.

BRILLIANT DAY has been developed out of Love Letters to a Liveable Future # 1 – a Homemakers commission by Cambridge Junction with support from Artsadmin. The next stage of Love Letters to a Liveable Future will be presented in Spring 2021.

Watch METIS’ Brilliant Day at 35 minutes 50 seconds into the film:

Collaborators for BRILLIANT DAY and Love Letters to a Liveable Future:  Anna-Maria Nabirye, Charlie Folorunsho, Jess Mabel Jones, Lucy Wray, Shôn Dale-Jones, Stefanie Müller and Tom Ross-Williams and Zoë Svendsen. This project has been initiated by Zoë Svendsen, director of METIS a Cambridge-based performing arts company/network creating interdisciplinary performance projects through rigorous research and a fascination with maps, space, technology, travel and history.

Date and time

12 September 2020

Please note
This is now a past event.


The Festival of Thrift