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Going to Glooptopia

Oozing Gloop

An outdoor drag performance with poetry, costume changes and storytelling for earthly survival!

A person with green painted face with red lipstick a large cone shaped painted headpiece, holding banana to ear and coffee cup in other hand
Oozing Gloop. Photo by Kaleido Shoots

Join us for an elegant early evening in Oozing Gloop’s global pavilion.

“We will use the micro to look at the macro in an ecstatic study of putting the world to rights by yours truly: a humble student of Awe; the awful, awesome and autistic!

With costume changes, poetry, singular dialogue and a veritable verbal rollercoaster through the peaks and troughs of the overactive mind that seeks to fundamentally consider considering and lay that out for your consideration. 

This will be a four-hour open air installation that stages storytelling for earthly survival. It must be seen to be believed! To revolve through revolt and revolution; threading together many disparate myths in a desperate tirade through the agony and ecstasy of response-able being(s).

Nature is healing! The drag queens are ranting! And we must do everything we can to make sure nothing goes back to “normal” or the way it was before! Because it’s all already changed and change again it must! And WILL!”

Part of What Shall We Build Here, Artsadmin’s festival of art, climate and community from 8-12 September.

Join Oozing Gloop for a relaxed coffee morning event on 10-11 September.

OOZING GLOOP is a transgressive drag savant who has completed 500 miles of queer pilgrimage through the co-ordinates of their unconscious. This was the furnace that melded six years of disappointing study with a sublime cabaret practice. Creating a provocative performance practice of queer spectacle exploring Awe; the awful, the awesome and the autistic. Her interdisciplinary practice seeks to put a very particular voice upon a powerful pedestal of the universal subject and seeks to make society assimilate her. In the same way as society expects him to assimilate it. Troublesome, camp and revolting.


“There is an undeniable power in Gloop’s presence” – The List

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Date and time

8 September 2021

Please note
This is now a past event.


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