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Psychic Encounter

Stacy Makishi

What does your town look like from someone else's perspective? How intimate can you be with someone you've just met?

Stacy holds a magnifying glass up to her eye
Psychic Encounter, Stacy Makishi

Part of Queer Clash Diary by Raze Collective, hosted at The Yard.

Hawaii-born Stacy Makishi welcomes individuals to read between the lines in a potentially poignant, pseudo-psychic encounter.

In a one-to-one conversation with Stacy, participants are drawn into a personal and intense experience where they see what newspaper headlines make of them and discover more about themselves.

About Stacy 
Stacy is like a bonsai tree – small and old. And maybe wise? She moved from Hawaii to London and whilst first working as a stand-up comic, she found herself happiest when making performances. Her current work is the result of cross-fertilisation between theatre, comedy, film and visual art.

“The idea for Psychic Encounter came to me in a coffee shop. I looked at the people around me and wondered about their stories – what were their headlines? I wanted to give them a ‘reading’ where their lives would be the front page news.”

Date and time

7 September 2021

Please note
This is now a past event.


The Yard