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The Ritual

Stacy Makishi

Find joy in everyday rituals in this online performance

a pot of scissors, books and a wooden and metal cage on a shelf. inside the cage is a little person and a dog. the person is wearing a mask and gloves
Image by Stacy Makishi and Vick Ryder

Stacy Makishi wants to take you back to her place. Hawaii? Well… almost.

Take some communal alone-time with artist/teacher/soul activist Stacy Makishi. Zoom in and slow down to grieve and celebrate what’s been lost, how you’ve lost and what it is to be lost. Find joy in this transformational ritual with mundane household objects. Opening the fridge becomes a rite of passage. Flushing the toilet offers a baptism of healing. Staying close to whatever’s afraid will take us home and set us free. All it takes is a 30-minute Zoom call.

Taking inspiration from Okinawan and Hawaian cultures, The Ritual offers slow-soothing aloha to a pandemic-pounded world.

“Makishi creates an extraordinary sense of intimacy, at once one soothing and alarming… there are times that the performance nudges the profound.”


“On the phone and around the house, she guides a contemplation of all that we’ve lost – people, jobs, certainty. It’s a gentle, buoyant little piece”

The Guardian

The Ritual is the third live artwork in the series Homeward (House) Bound, all created and performed remotely by Stacy Makishi in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stacy Makishi is a transplant from Hawaii who found paradise in Dalston, East London. Like a bonsai plant, Stacy is small but old. She has been making art for over 30 years.

A cross-fertilisation of theatre, comedy, film and visual art, her work is as complex as it is accessible; humorous as it is challenging; visual as it is literate. It ranges across solo performances for stage, large-scale outdoor participatory projects and intimate one-to-ones. Also a teacher, director and mentor in international demand, Stacy believes in art’s transformative power and strives to share her creative process with others in order to put more aloha into the world.

Her past solos for theatre include The Comforter, The Falsettos and Vesper Time, all of which have toured extensively in the UK. She also directs devised works, notably with Contact Manchester Young Company.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, Stacy ran Church of the Latter Day Sinners and created a series of intimate performances called Homeward (House) Bound that took place over phone calls and Zoom platforms.

The event is captioned

Date and time

15–29 November 2022

Please note
This is now a past event.