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Elyssa Livergant


Compelled by everyday artefacts and conventions of the theatre world, and private/public life, my work engages with the spaces between the corporeal, social, political, virtual and cultural, and historical challenging notions of identity; blurring the lines between fact and fiction.

I have worked in the categories of: ‘solo’ live-performance, group collaborations and site-responsive work, installation, new media and critical writing. I am interested in the relationship between the work of collaboratively-led creation and social justice.

I am committed to theatre’s changeability, to work being shaped and shaping those I encounter. I seek moments of activation and new ways of seeing in my approach to making with others.  I believe this faithfulness engenders risk, collision and transformation, creating encounters that are intensely imagined and playfully executed.

Photo by Steve Davies & Film Cafe, 2009