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Jenny Moore


Jenny Moore is a Canadian artist and musician based in London.

She makes live performances with sounds, narrative text, sculpture and her own self as materials, plays in the dance-punk band Charismatic Megafauna, leads feminist choir F*Choir, and has recently recorded an album of psycho-sexual choral chants for 10 voices and 2 drummers called Mystic Business. Moore co-founded ‘Bedfellows’, a group of artists leading workshops, performances and talks about consent, desire and life long sex education.

Bursary plans

I’d like to spend the year studying rhythm and tempo in a deep way, experimenting both theoretically and physically with how vibrations and beats can enter the body and transform it. Inspired by poet CAConrad’s (Soma)tic poetry rituals, I’d like to listen in different ways.

Through mentorship and practical tutorials from some interdisciplinary practitioners whose perspectives challenge my current knowledge, I will build up a set of exercises to practise on my own, exploring how muscle memory turns into knowledge and might sustain a practice where language cannot.

Photo by Kate Bones