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Since 2005, work under the artistic direction of Nic Green has continued to demonstrate her exceptional ability as one of Britain’s unique and exciting young artists.

Her broad and comprehensive practice spans award-winning theatre performance, a multitude of community and public art projects, interactive web-based projects and originally composed choral works. A strong sense of environmental and social responsibility is held throughout the broad spectrum of Nic’s work, and her unique artistic practice serves as a joyous and inspiring political agency, with research at it’s heart.

Her areas of influence and research are varied and cross many disciplines from Systems Thinking to Jungian Synchronicity. The meeting points of these varied discourses create rich ground for performance which is transgressive in its form, engaged in its approach and embodied in its execution. Past projects have gravitated towards inhabiting the spaces between ‘usefulness’ and beauty, between the radical and the engaged, between the intellectual and the embodied, and between the political and the accessible.

As a practitioner Nic is primarily committed to developing creative work that is ecological in its nature, in the sense that her practice focuses on the study of relationships, based on the understanding that all is interrelated.

Nic is leading Artsadmin’s summer project, Make Space.

Date Title Venue City
20–21 May 2016 A Nation's Theatre - Nic Green: Cock and Bull Toynbee Studios
19 February 2015 Fatherland Home and Away - London, Maison Folie Mons
Photo by Oliver Rudkin