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Sam Curtis


Sam Curtis is an artist, educator and curator based in London. With a conceptually driven practice made manifest through various forms such as events, video, performance, text and sculpture, he is interested in art’s social function and it’s accessibility.

Sam explores creativity, where we might expect to find it and how we value different forms of labour. He often facilitates democratic, open hierarchical structures for people, to come together and connect, form solidarity and collaborate. Coming from the ground-up, his projects and works evolve from lived experience of socioeconomic dilemmas.

For over 10 years he has used his day jobs as platforms or starting points from which to develop practice and projects. For Sam, this has been a useful way to navigate precarity and has become a vehicle for inhabiting the grey areas between art and life. Informed by two years working as a fishmonger in Harrods, he now runs the Centre for Innovative and Radical Fishmongery, an organisation that explores how fishmongery intersects with art, individuals and society. During a six-year period working in education as an outreach tutor within the homeless sector, he co-founded and facilitated Seymour Art Collective (2009 – ongoing), a group of artists who have experienced homelessness. He currently works as a curator at the Bethlem Gallery situated within the Bethlem Royal Hospital, the gallery supports artists with lived experience of mental illness.

 His work is represented by Division of Labour.

Date Title Venue City
7–8 December 2017 Standard, Ledger and Transom Toynbee Studios
Centre for Innovative and Radical Fishmongery, Birmingham Bullring Fishmongers Championship 2014. Photo by Rosalie Schweiker.