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Sinéad Hargan

Banner Artist


Sinéad Hargan’s work is deeply rooted in the desire to understand the world through materials, the body and human interactions in various Scottish landscapes; reclaiming and re-conquering these spaces.

For the past few years, she has been making and experimenting with vocal soundscapes and moving image, and continues to incorporate this type of media into live performance, exploring how these types of artistic communications can retell stories through verbal and non-verbal means. 

Her work intends to intervene in the imagery of the landscape in order to present feminist testimonies and strategies for rethinking learned narratives around women and wild lands. Sinéad aims to explore the dichotomy of recorded and live performance while maintaining a socially engaged practice, engaging with groups of participants or cross-disciplinary collaborators so that they work together to find a way of communicating that which we often struggle to articulate. 

Date Title Venue City
4 February 2021 Starting Out in a Pandemic
1–5 February 2021 BANNER Showcase Week
Photo by Julia Bauer.