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Susannah Hewlett


Susannah Hewlett works in performance, installation, video and sound in site-specific live events which borrow and subvert emblematic moments from our commercial and social realms.

She experiments with interbreeding Cousin High-Art and Uncle Light-Entertainment and more specifically the peripheral aspects of events: entrances and exits, beginnings and endings, anticipation and deflation. She is interested in humour giving way to irritation, anticipation and deflation, discomfort or sadness – using repetition and circularity has been an important way to exploit these tensions in past works.  The work has often functioned as intervention relating specifically to the structures of the event, exhibition or institution in which it exists – in a sort of parasitic way.

Rules and Regs at Farnham Maltings. Photo by Kristian Wilding © 2007 Rules and Regs