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Tim Bromage


Tim Bromage is a performer and writer based in Cardiff, Wales. His practice draws upon a number of areas of interest, including  stage magic and folk traditions.

Props and costume are combined with song, text and other activities creating strange rituals. Placed within this context the magical effect becomes a mode of symbolic demonstration, creating fractured narratives that often reference cultural myths and histories. 

His recent works have explored the use of multiple story lines, as a method of scoring performance and as a means to re-interpret personal experience. Inspired by the the writings of science fiction writers such as Philip K Dick and Gordon Lang, these performances are an ongoing exploration of fact and fiction, the humour present within these experiences, and the dualism present within the human condition.

Date Title Venue City
20 September 2017 The Museum of Divergent Realities Toynbee Studios
Photo by Marco Berardi