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Umama Hamido


Existing on the border between many places and nowhere, Umama Hamido is a Lebanese artist who is currently living in London.

Through montages of performance, film, sound and text she addresses experiences of loss, yearning and remembrance. She employs cine verité footage and audio recordings as tools to explore the politics of space – imagined and real – as she negotiates the human relation to traumatic spaces, and how the formation of the self is affected in the context of separation and marginality in Lebanon and its neighbouring countries.

Bursary plans

Umama will be working on her on-going project On Akka’s Shore, a cinematic performance to be shown at this year’s SPILL Festival, which is informed by research into mental health conditions and the trauma of war and statelessness. Mentors will assist her with furthering understanding of compositional performance involving film and sound. After presenting the work in October 2018, she intends to use the rest of her bursary to expand her knowledge around the process of seeking asylum in the UK, reflecting on her own and others’ experience while making new performance work that deals with the subject.

Date Title Venue City
14–17 July 2021 Huna Wa Hunak
7 March 2019 On Akka's Shore Toynbee Studios
Umama is sat on a stage, in a dark set with a large projection behind her of a clip of a woman being interviewed in a desert
Photo by Guido Mencari