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Vijay Patel


Vijay Patel is a live/performance artist based in South London, whose work crosses forms into cabaret and installations.

His work has previously dealt with the complexities of being of mixed Indian/British heritage and what that means within the contemporary condition. His work has previously examined arranged marriages, immigration and gender issues.

Graduate of the University of Chichester, Vijay began building on his professional portfolio in 2014. Since graduating he has performed at a variety of venues and festivals (both indoor and outdoor), exploring the performance space in interesting and innovative ways.

Vijay joined the Artsadmin Youth Board in 2014 and contributed to the delivery of key events including: SCRITS, Youth Board presents and Pre Show//Degree Show. In 2017, he became the Artsadmin Youth Board representative in a bid to further the development of the Youth Board scheme.

Date Title Venue City
23 March – 27 April 2021 Guest Artist Support Sessions: Vijay Patel
2 December 2020 Making Space: Thinking about our access
19 November 2020 Making Space: Thinking about our access
Pull the Trigger (SPILL Festival of Performance 2016). Photo by Guido Mencari.