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ArtRole Residency


In partnership with Artsadmin, Live Art Development Agency and Yorkshire Sculpture Park, ArtRole have invited two artists from Iraq to undertake a residency in the UK to develop their work, explore British culture and the contemporary art scene, and introduce their work to a British audience.

For the first residency, a Kurdish-Iraqi artist will spend three weeks at Toynbee Studios and at the Live Art Development Agency in London. The two organisations will offer practical advice and guidance, networking opportunities and a studio at Toynbee for practical research and development, resulting in an open presentation of work. On their return the artists will also run a series of talks and presentations about their journey to the UK to the public in Iraqi-Kurdistan.  

Reben Majeed is an installation and photography artist from Sulaymanyah, part of the younger artists generation of post-Saddam Hussein era, who expanded their practice outside the gallery space to the public realm. He was for instance involved in art events on the Freedom Square in Baghdad.