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Artsblog & Artsblog Live

Photo by Sam Trotman
2008 – 2009

The Artsblog was a platform on the Artsadmin website run by a range of young people who engaged in various projects produced by Artsadmin education department from 2007 – 2009. The group of twelve bloggers used their engagement with the arts as a starting point to voice opinions and create debate around global political and social issues relating to art and theatre.

The blog included show reviews, picks of the week, calls for support of artists projects, critical feedback and general arts related musings.

The bloggers were Oyinda Brown, Giles Bunch, Joao Flocena, Alison Drewit, Frank Harris, Lisa Grant, Eleanor Ivory Webber, Carly Halse, Joanne Matthews, Jennifer Rich, Yasmine Boudiaf and Holly Revell.

Artsblog Live

Artsblog members created a week long programme investigating the ‘live’ in Live Art, looking at how artists and audiences interact with, talk about and create art works using the internet and blogs. The bloggers videocast, live blogged, tweeted, podcast and hosted two live events.

Throughout the week a huge body of online material was created including:

  • Daily News Flash performances that took place across the City of London and were streamed in real time.
  • A series of podcast walks that were available to download from the Artsblog and gave the listener a unique accompaniment to their journey from key transport hubs to Toynbee Studios.
  • The Live Week Debate, bringing together a range of artists and bloggers to discuss topics sent in by listeners who contributed to the live streamed conversations. Discussion focused on art and the internet, blogging and the transmission of live performance work via the web.

Guest speakers included:
Ant Hampton
Tassos Stevens
Isabelle OCarroll
Anna Goss
Linda Duffy

The bloggers also discussed the plusses and perils of the internet including the the social implecations for adding your mum as a “friend” on facebook and a brief history of lolcatz at Peachy Coochy.

View the archived Artsblog

Photo by Sam Trotman