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Creative Support Sessions

Free one-to-one support for artists

9 portraits of members of the Artsadmin team
Artsadmin staff who offer Creative Support Sessions

Artsadmin offers a unique and free one-to-one support service to UK-based artists working in contemporary performance, at any stage of their career

Sessions are informal and artist-led, offering an opportunity to talk about anything from artistic ideas and project development to funding and contexts for your work. The format of these sessions has been developed in response to artists’ feedback and research.

Who is the service for?
This is a free service that we offer to artists and creatives, which to us includes arts workers, producers, designers, production managers, curators, arts leaders, technicians, writers, dramaturgs, academics and thinkers.

What happens in a one-to-one support session?
This is a one hour session and you can meet with us once a year. These sessions are places of support, which means everything spoken about in these meetings is confidential. This also means this isn’t a place to pitch work that you hope to get produced at Artsadmin. The support team won’t share anything about you or your project with the rest of the Artsadmin producers.

What art forms can we support with?
Our team’s knowledge is in contemporary performance and live art.

How are the sessions delivered and what access support is available?
The sessions are currently delivered online via Zoom. Our Zoom account can access captions embedded and we can offer BSL interpretation. Both will be provided upon request. Please indicate any access requirements when you book your session.

What other organisations offer advice and support?
Not sure if our support is right for you? We’ve listed some other places below that offer artists support.

Book a session with one of our team

Please do take the time to read about the person you’d like to meet with before you book in. Each person has different experience, knowledge and expertise, and your experience will vary based on the person you meet.

Please only book one session. Due to capacity, we are only able to offer one session per artist each year.

Valentina standing smiling in front a bright purple wall. she has long dark hair and is wearing dungarees
Valentina Vela

My name is Valentina. You can call me V, Val, Vale, or Valentina. I use she/her pronouns.  I am a Colombian-born queer brown migrant artist and creative producer. I speak Spanish as well as English. I have studied and worked in the US, the UAE, and now the UK. At Artsadmin, I look after our Artist Support Programme.

I am keen to engage in conversations with artists and arts workers around practice, vision, strategy, budgeting, networking, and collaborating; and to sit in the sticky bits of art and art making. I am particularly passionate about supporting migrant artists and artists of the global majority, as well as queer artists and other underrepresented folks, as these are elements of my identity and lived experience that permeate my practice, politics, and personal belief systems. 

During these sessions, I will hold space for us to listen to what is going on under the surface, and I look for ways to challenge you. I will ask you questions about what is driving you, what would be ideal, and how I can best support you in the time we spend together. I will listen, reflect back, and push you to unpick your own statements, beliefs, and plans.

You don’t have to prepare anything, but feel free to spend some time setting intentions and expectations, and we can begin our time checking in about why we are meeting and what we hope to do together. You can also send me anything you’d like me to look at or read beforehand, or to have handy during our session, to

Before we meet, I suggest you take a look at our Resources Directory, just in case some of the things you’re curious about or looking for are already there. 

Chat soon!

Portrait of Róise Goan
Róise Goan

My name is Róise Goan and I am the Artistic Director at Artsadmin, I use she/her pronouns. I am a white Irish woman, and relatively new to London. I have worked variously in the arts as a performance maker and writer, dramaturg, programmer, festival director, producer, administrator and box office person. I have worked mostly in Ireland, Belgium, and now in the UK. I love working collaboratively and I have a particular passion for making and producing contemporary performance projects with communities of interest in places that mean something to them. Usually involving some kind of shared meal.

I am a curious person and I love listening to artists talk about their ideas. I’m interested in supporting artists at moments of reflection and change in their practice, and at those crunchy and risky moments where ideas are forming to possibly become projects.

portrait of Ellie stood with her hands in her pockets, smiling with her head slightly down looking towards the left (her right). Ellie is wearing glasses, a black baggy t-shirt tucked into black cigarette trousers with two gold chains. She is stood against a tiled wall with lots of different patterns
Ellie Liddell-Crewe

My name is Ellie Liddell-Crewe and I use she/her pronouns. I am a northern soul with my feet now in the South. I work full time on Unlimited at Artsadmin. Unlimited is an arts commissioning programme that aims to embed work by disabled artists within the UK and international cultural sectors, reach new audiences and shift perceptions of disabled people and is currently the largest supporter of disabled artists worldwide.

Amongst many things, I am responsible for Unlimited’s main commissions programme, trainees, application process and portal, budgets and contracts and I hold overall responsibility for artists support and showcasing- helping as many Unlimited artists as possible to reach audiences both nationally and internationally. Having previously worked as a Venue Manager and Inclusive Artist with the wonderful O N C A (a Brighton based arts organisation that bridge social and environmental justice issues), I am here for any questions you may have around access, disability, engaged practice or how to simply get your foot in the door and generally may be a nice human to have a brew and a chat with.

About these sessions

Ellie runs her creative support sessions split into two 30-minute chunks. The first half hour is usually around finding out more about yourself your practice and answering your questions and the second is a follow up session a few weeks later, often looking at tasks that have been set and discussions that were previously had.
If this format works for you, please book two sessions with a minimum of a few weeks apart. 

A portrait of Malaika
Malaika Cunningham

My name is Malaika and I use she/her pronouns. I am a theatre-maker and political researcher interested in participatory practice, climate justice and democracy. Within the arts, I have worked as a director, performer, facilitator, campaigner, and producer – particularly within participatory and interactive performance. Most of my work has been in the North of England. I have a PhD in social science focussed on relationship between sustainability, participatory theatre and democratic spaces. I am currently working full-time with Artsadmin as a practice-based researcher.

About these sessions

In these sessions I aim to offer a space for you to talk through your ideas and projects. I have found that it can be really useful to have someone ask you questions and listen to your emerging ideas whilst developing a new project. If it is desired, I can offer advice on participatory methods within artistic practice, working with academics (both in terms of collaborations and funding), and (if relevant/helpful) suggest some good readings/organisations to explore on the themes of climate justice and democracy.

Image of Cat Harrison, woman with short blonde hair wearing red lipstick and blue and purple knitted jumper smiling into the camera
Cat Harrison

Hi there I’m Cat. I use she/her pronouns and I’m a white woman, a mum, and an artist with the collective non zero one. I’ve done all sorts of roles for Artsadmin since I started on reception in 2009, and I even ran/ waddled the London Marathon to raise money for the charity (a long time ago). I’ve been an Artists’ Producer since 2014, mostly working on socially engaged, participatory projects, and projects that take place in unusual spaces such as derelict buildings, beaches and car parks. Those kinds of artists projects, reaching people and communities in an interesting and purposeful way, they’re really my bag.

I have experience in touring artist projects across the UK and globally, and am always writing some kind of fundraising application, mostly Arts Council England Project Funds. I’m also interested in looking at the big picture and thinking about longer-term strategic planning, which is why I love being Chair of the Board for Crying Out Loud. I love a colour co-ordinated spreadsheet, I’m always using some kind of organisational tool, and so if you’re looking for pragmatic advice on how to approach next steps on your project, I might be able to help.

Nicky Childs, woman with brown shoulder length hair, wearing a grey top sat by a window smiling
Nicky Childs

I’ve been a Senior Producer with Artsadmin for 35 years, and have seen the organisation go from an ambitious dream to a reality in that time. I’ve produced a huge range of artists’ works; from site-specific, immersive, cross- generational performances to socially-engaged and participatory events and projects with an environmental focus or gallery-based exhibitions, performances, video installations and even festivals and conferences.

Some projects have been one-off commissions, whilst others have been co-produced and may have toured nationally/internationally. Alternatively some have been curated festivals or very locally based school or community focused. I’ve also coordinated festivals, produced artists’ publications and partnered on multiple European networks & initiatives.

I started my career as a Speech Therapist and trained and worked as a Dance & Drama Therapist. I also simultaneously informally trained in contemporary dance and dabbled in performance for a while as a founder member of a dance company with choreographers Jacob Marley and Liz Ranken.

Portait of Mark Godber a white male, he is standing with outside wearing a blue shirt smiling into the camera
Mark Godber

Hi I’m Mark, I use he/him pronouns and I’m a cis white man. I’ve been working at Artsadmin since before my hair went grey in a variety of roles, including several years of experience providing creative support and advice to artists. My current role is as Artists’ Producer, working on partnership projects like Season for Change and Another Route and I’m usually very involved in Artsadmin’s work around climate and social justice, including What Shall We Build Here and before that the 2 Degrees Festival. I have worked with many artists on an ongoing and one-off basis on big and small projects.

I am really interested in artists’ work that engages with questions of justice, especially where thinking about climate intersects with other issues. I really like to experience and support projects where the audience is asked to be an active part of the project, and where the work happens in surprising spaces. I have a lot of experience of Creative Europe funding programmes, and some experience with raising money from trusts, foundations, sponsors, and from Arts Council England.
Before we meet, I suggest you take a look at our Resources Directory, just in case some of the things you’re curious about or looking for are already there.

Please note: This is not a place to pitch work to Artsadmin. Anything we speak about in our session is confidential and will not be brought into the wider producing conversations with our team.

If you can’t book using Calendly, please email us at or call 020 7247 5102.

Other support services for artists

Date Title Venue City
6–18 April 2021 Guest Artist Support Sessions: Nando Messias
23 March – 27 April 2021 Guest Artist Support Sessions: Vijay Patel
9 portraits of members of the Artsadmin team
Artsadmin staff who offer Creative Support Sessions