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Cuteness Forensics

Tim Spooner & Tom Richards

Cuteness Forensics by Tim Spooner & Tom Richards. Photo by Maurizio Martorana

Tom Richards and Tim Spooner combine music and sculpture in this visual and sonic escapade. Performing with soft materials and hardware – velvet, electronics, sponge, lead, record players – they create a system which monitors and responds to itself.

Tim demonstrates and dissects ambiguous sculptures and wire entrails against Tom’s eerie, clanging soundscape, creating a visceral and alluring atmosphere. Small objects are magnified and manipulated into something sonically big and overwhelming. Vulnerability and intimacy are exposed among catastrophic sound effects.

This abstract autopsy opens things up and reveals something tender and empathic in material. In this weird world, the internal is externalised, soft tissues meet jagged edges and soppy sculptures move to inflexible rhythms.

“It’s a child’s playground, an artificial habitat, a morgue, a laboratory, a crime scene, all of those things at once.”

Ben Kulvichit, Exeunt Magazine on Cuteness Forensics

Commissioned by The Yard Theatre and produced by Artsadmin.

For more information on this project download the touring pack or contact Ania Obolewicz at

Date Title Venue City
28–29 October 2019 Cuteness Forensics Theater der Dinge, Shaubude Berlin
5–9 February 2019 Cuteness Forensics The Yard London
Cuteness Forensics by Tim Spooner & Tom Richards. Photo by Maurizio Martorana