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Station House Opera

Large tower of dominoes in front of a cathedral
Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2022. Dominoes. Photo by James Bass

Dominoes takes as its starting point the simplest of ideas… a line of dominoes. Thousands of breezeblocks are used to create a moving sculpture which runs across the city, unfolding over the course of the day.

On streets, through parks, buildings and even on water, occasionally disappearing and then resurfacing, sometimes pausing for sculptural performances, the domino line threads its way through historical and everyday parts of the city, linking its diverse communities in a symbolic as well as physical chain of cause and effect.

Creating a celebration across the whole city, Dominoes transforms its rhythm for one special day. The project has the power to bring communities together through participation and engagement – hundreds of volunteers and audience members gather together to make this exceptional and unique event.

Dominoes takes a simple concept and uses it to create an alternative vision of the city, counterpointing, complementing and playing with the architecture, and for a brief moment reclaiming the city streets for the inhabitants and the public.

“People are still talking about it, and the project really made an impact on a lot of people. I think we’ve never reached such a diverse group of people with a project.”

KIT, Copenhagen

“A two-kilometre-long domino ribbon of white building blocks has done more to bring together the neighbourhood, all ages and all cultures, than a decade of integration programs all together.”

De Standaard, Flemish daily newspaper, on Dominoes in Ghent

Winner of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch CREATE09 Art Award, Dominoes was originally created in London in 2009, linking the five ‘host boroughs’ for the 2012 Olympics and has since travelled to over 20 cities across the world, including Melbourne, Copenhagen, Marseille and Ljubljana.

Dominoes in Hull in 2018

For more information on this project download the touring pack or contact Ania Obolewicz at

Date Title Venue City
25 June 2022 Dominoes Corn Exchange Newbury
13 May 2022 Dominoes Norwich
20 October 2020 Happy Days: Artists' talk
19 October – 2 November 2020 Happy Days: scenes of self-isolation
21 September 2019 Dominoes Festival van de Architectuur Ghent
11 August 2018 Dominoes Absolutely Cultured Hull
15 April 2018 Dominoes Zone Artistique Temporaire Festival Montpellier
1–2 October 2016 Dominoes Festival International des Arts Bordeaux Metropole Saint-Medard & Bordeaux
3 September 2016 Dominoes London
16 July 2016 Dominoes IF: Milton Keynes International Festival Milton Keynes
20 March 2016 Dominoes Festival de Keuze Rotterdam
6 February 2016 Dominoes Arts Centre Melbourne Melbourne
26 September 2015 Dominoes Cluj
15 August 2015 Dominoes Stockholms Kulturfestival Stockholm
5 July 2015 Dominoes Les Tombées de la Nuit Rennes
14 May 2015 Dominoes La Ville en Jeu(x), Mons 2015 Mons
28 September 2014 Dominoes Lieux Publics Marseille
19 July 2014 Dominoes Scenes de Rue Festival Mulhouse
26 May 2014 Dominoes Coventry Mysteries Festival Coventry
10 March 2014 Dominoes Cape Town
1 August 2013 Dominoes Festival Metropolis Copenhagen
17 May 2013 Dominoes Festival Nord Magnetic Bailleul & Poperinge
23 August 2012 Dominoes Helsinki Festival Helsinki
19 August 2011 Dominoes Mladi Levi Festival Ljubljana
18 October 2010 – 22 January 2011 Dominoes (film) Aberystwyth Arts Centre Aberystwyth
15 July 2010 Dominoes Dijon
26 July 2009 Dominoes East London
Large tower of dominoes in front of a cathedral
Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2022. Dominoes. Photo by James Bass