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Here and There

Gary Stevens

Photo by Gary Stevens
2002 – 2024

Here and There was a collection of fleeting structures that tried to blur the distinction between objects and events. The connection between the performers was both compelling and tenuous. The spectator’s ability to see a pattern in a complex event was stretched to its limit: things came together and fell apart.

The performers operated in marginal spaces, on thresholds, in gaps or on edges; boundaries were made an issue. A coping principle held the performers together. Different phases were initiated by one performer and the rest followed. There were moments of clarity and definition when the performers emerged from corners or from behind trees to form a coherent group out in the open and in the light, but they soon returned to cover in the semi-dark periphery.

Like a household or garden pest, their presence was disturbing; like a virus, the structure was dependent on, and intermingled with, its environment. There was something animal-like about the presence of the performers, with a hint of the Keystone Kops as the troupe maked frantic dashes across the space. The piece worked against the idea of a spectacle. The approach was playful and simple, the apparent casualness was in contrast to the formality of the house and garden.

Performed by Belen Jimenez, Colette Sadler, Desault Kim Lien, Edurne Rubio, Guillerme Lima, Ixone Sadaba Fernandez, Joana Mateus, Joclecio Azevedo, Larraitz Torres, Leticia Munoz Maria, Maria Jerez, Marta Gomes de Basa, Nadia Snock, Nerea Hernandez, Nuria de Ulibarri, Vera Santos.

Fundacao Serralves, Oporto, Portugal 2003

Photo by Gary Stevens