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Mem Morrison

Photo by Christoph Shaw
2000 – 2024

Because the world is not in black and white. A response to one too many sleepless nights, Lilac is the story of a past remembered through black and white photographs and a present understood through colour therapy.

A series of monologues, each guided by its own colour, gradually came together to complete a vivid autobiographical portrait from the kaleidoscopic mess of the past.

With Lilac, Mem began by researching colour therapy, exploring the significance of colour and its effect upon our lives, both waking and sleeping. The intriguing harp soundtrack (performed live) featured the work of Scribian, the synaesthetic composer whose visionary scores evolved through the study of colour (the key of lilac is D Flat).

“Prepare to be charmed”

Evening Standard

“Neatly balanced and fully achieved. This production is difficult to fault”

Time Out (Critics Choice)

Created by Mem Morrison, performed by Mem Morrison with harpist Rhian Hanson and the voice of Josette Bushell-Mingo, directed by Mark Whitelaw.

Photo by Christoph Shaw