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Lost and Found


Photo by Hugo Glendinning

The volatile, capricious nature of change itself comes under the spotlight in Lost & Found as Curious tug at the seams that connect public and private transformations, linking the changes in people’s neighbourhoods and cities to the sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic, changes in their own personal lives.

A live performance designed for systems of transportation specific to different cities. Also a DVD of three short films: In Lost Property an enigmatic woman whose favourite words are adhesive, sellotape, super glue and safety pin tries to come to terms with the difference between being lost and being left. 

In Lost & Found, Black Country locals reflect on their sense of place and the breakdown of community in an area of significant regeneration. In Red Lantern House, a recently arrived American notices a woman living in a partially demolished house on a massive development site in Shanghai. The film captures the final days of the Red Lantern House and the beginning of an unlikely friendship.

Commissioned by The Public, West Bromwich and supported by Fierce Festival; Birmingham City Council (Urban Fusion programme); Bow Festival, London; British Council Artists Links, China and Arts Council England.

Photo by Hugo Glendinning