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the vacuum cleaner

Photo by Sophie Nathan
2013 – 2019

The Metropolitan Police call him a Domestic Extremist. The NHS have described him as ‘highly disturbed’ and labelled him with Borderline Personality Disorder. ‘A real and present threat to the safe running of our lawful business’ is how E.ON described him at the Royal Courts of Justice.

He prefers the term Mental.

After 13 years of being an outlaw and inpatient, artist-activist the vacuum cleaner presents an autobiographical performance told through his psychiatric records, police intelligence files and corporate injunctions collected through the Data Protection Act. 

“This essential show is a fascinating, stigma-smashing experience.”

The Scotsman

Date Title Venue City
7–9 March 2019 Mental Battersea Arts Centre London
26–27 November 2018 Mental Schwankhalle Breman
20–21 September 2018 Mental Theaterfestival, Grenzenlos Kultur Mainz
17–20 March 2016 Mental Teatro Maria Mator Lisbon
7–8 May 2015 Mental Contact Theatre Manchester
28–30 January 2015 Mental Gessnerallee Zurich
21–22 November 2014 Mental Südpol Kriens
7–24 August 2014 Mental The Bedroom - Pleasance pop-up Edinburgh
17–19 May 2014 Mental Mayfest Bristol
26 February 2014 Mental Colchester Arts Centre Colchester
8–9 November 2013 Mental Cooper House Manchester
3–5 October 2013 Mental Tramway 1 Glasgow
3–7 September 2013 Mental Homo Novus Riga
16 March 2013 Mental The Basement Brighton
14–16 February 2013 Mental In Between Time Bristol Avon
Photo by Sophie Nathan