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My Home is my Museum

Caroline Wright

Photo by Tony Millings.

What do you keep on your mantelpiece? From curious to quirky, valuable and invaluable, we create family histories through memorabilia, keepsakes and heirlooms.

My Home is my Museum is a performance about the emotional significance we place on our everyday objects. Join us on a walking tour where members of the public open up their homes and invite us in to explore and celebrate the objects displayed inside. 

My Home is my Museum also includes an online collection of personally significant objects belonging to Cambridge residents, an exhibition and discussion event in collaboration with The Museum of Cambridge.

My Home is Museum is a key strand of Curating Cambridge: our city, our stories, our stuff, exploring collecting and curating from the personal and everyday perspective. The University of Cambridge Museums are pleased to support My Home is my Museum using public funding from Arts Council England.

Date Title Venue City
23 November 2014 My Home is My Museum: discussion event Curating Cambridge
7–8 November 2014 My Home is my Museum Curating Cambridge Cambridge
Photo by Tony Millings.