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Networks & Advocacy

The Haircut Before The Party launch, Two Degrees 2011. Photograph by Immo Klink.
2015 – 2020

Artsadmin is passionate about the rich and diverse cultural landscape of the UK – and its impact around the world.

The organisation is actively involved in campaigns, networks and advocacy groups promoting cultural activity and supporting artists.

What Next? for the Arts

What Next? is a movement bringing people together to articulate, champion and strengthen the role of culture in our society.

Free Movement – Visiting Artists

The Manifesto Club works in alliance with artists, musicians, academics and students to oppose restrictions on international artists and academics visiting the UK and to affirm the vital contribution made by global artists and scholars to UK cultural and intellectual life.

We are also members of:

  • Bamboo, a network of 6 European partners supporting work for children and families.
  • Create to Connect -> Create to Impact (CtC -> CtI) is a collaborative project bringing together sixteen European cultural and research organisations to create impact on society in terms of change, innovation, empowerment and emancipation through building powerful and long-lasting connections with artists, cultural operators, researchers and audiences.
  • Creative Industries Federation, the national membership organisation for the public arts, cultural education and creative industries. 
  • Fossil Funds Free, aiming to create an oil-free cultural sector.
  • IETM, the international network for contemporary performing arts.
  • Art Climate Transition (ACT), formerly known as Imagine 2020
  • ISAN (Independent Street Arts Network)
  • ITC (Independent Theatre Council)
  • Live Art UK, the national network of Live Art promoters.
  • Promesses, a European network with a particular focus on the development needs of early-career artists.
  • STAMP, a network dedicated to improving support for artists and advocating for the role of theatre and theatre makers in London.

We support and are friends of:

The Haircut Before The Party launch, Two Degrees 2011. Photograph by Immo Klink.