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On the Scent


Photo by Hugo Glendinning
2003 – 2009

Have you ever been taken unawares by something in the air – transported to another place and time by an intangible but achingly familiar scent?

On the Scent is an intimate and aromatic journey for domestic spaces exploring the elusive connection between smell and memory. Scents mingle and intertwine in the living room, kitchen and bedroom as three performers exude haunting and seductive essences through the house.

*** “The ordinariness of the domestic setting is transcended and transformed into something quite extraordinary. Well worth a sniff.”

The Guardian

Researched in collaboration with the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore. Supported by a Wellcome Trust Science on Stage and Screen Award, an AHRB Innovation Award and Arts Council England. On the Scent premiered at the FIERCE Festival, Birmingham in June 2003 and has since been performed over 500 times in 4 continents.

Performed by Leslie Hill, Helen Paris and Lois Weaver

Photo by Hugo Glendinning