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Pieces of People

Gary Stevens

Photo by Gary Stevens
2003 – 2024

The performance/sculpture was conceived as a series – or a collection – of clustered elements that constitute larger objects. The ‘elements’ were the people who take part in the performance. 

Dressed in their own clothes they occupied the grounds of the Henry Moore Foundation and sculpture park. The ‘objects’ were temporary, often momentary formations defined and named as collective entities appearing around the grounds at different times.

The structures were sometimes interwoven within the environment, which includes the spectators. The performers ran for cover, lurked in the bushes, hid and stared back at the spectators, as well as forming relatively coherent masses of varying density and instability out in the open. The group suddenly ran off into the trees, in response to the behaviour of spectators or some internal dynamic, like a startled herd of animals, or explode in all directions, like a firework.

Performed by Robert Allwood, Samantha Bell, Sarah Buist, Claire Blundell Jones, Heather Burton, Christina Frank, Rachel Gomme, Eduardo G. Guttierres, Tariq Husein, Marianne Hyatt, Katherine Hymers, Julia Keller, Philip Lee, Sally Marie, Ingrid Pollard, Valentin Ratchev, Valery Renay, Daniel Vais, Martha Wildman and Claire Wright.

The Henry Moore Foundation, Sculpture Park, Much Hadham, June 2003

Photo by Gary Stevens