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Summer Project 2012

Photo by Stephen King

“The Skin Of My Teeth is about constantly wondering whether you just managed it this time, but never looking back to find out if you did. The only way is forwards. It’s a bit like Peter Rabbit sliding under Mr McGregor’s gate or putting the plug in just before you disappear down the hole.”
– Mark Storor

Artist Mark Storor worked with a group of young people and emerging artists to learn and develop new skills in making art and working together.

The Skin Of My Teeth was a course introducing live art and performance to 16-25 year olds, giving a space to share and develop creative ways to explore themes of identity, personal histories and collective knowledge in a safe and exciting environment.

Summer Project 2011
Summer Project 2010

Date Title Venue City
21 August 2012 Summer Project Sharing Toynbee Studios
Photo by Stephen King