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To the River

Caroline Wright

Photo by Caroline Wright

To the River is a public art commission to promote and celebrate the story of the River Cam in Cambridge. 

Over 18 months Caroline will be researching stories, facts and unusual aspects of the river to uncover how it serves as a foundation to the city. What are our relationships to the river? How has it shaped us in terms of social, economic, geographical, historic and ecological impact?

Caroline’s research will include workshops, live works, provocations and community engagement, and culminate in a site specific work of public art for the city. So far the research events and live works have included:


A journey along the river’s pathway through human exchange. From foot to punt to bike to boat, a token of the river is transferred from one end to another, carried upstream by the tide of human hands rather than the water itself. FLOW took place in September 2018 as part of In Your Way. 

Knit for the River

Inspired by the link between the river Cam and textile traditions, members of the public are invited to join Caroline and knit part of a shoring structure that will be installed on the riverbank to nurture stability, plants and wildlife along the river. For more info of knitting events and where to pick up a knitting pack, visit 


Visitors to the river often document their time there with a photo taken on their smartphone. But does this distance our connection with the river itself? Tagging photos with #WhatColourIsTheRiver builds an online communal tapestry of the variations of the river and cherishes each individual’s moment with it.

After Raverat

Gwen Raverat was an artist from Cambridge celebrated for her extraordinary woodcut prints of images of the River Cam. Using her artworks, life and relationship with the river as inspiration a series of artworks will be created by Caroline and students of Anglia Ruskin University alongside workshops with local schoolchildren.

Read Caroline’s statement on the conclusion of the project

To The River is commissioned by Cambridge City Council.

For more information on this project contact Róise Goan at

Date Title Venue City
8 September 2019 Knit for the River Museum of Cambridge Cambridge
Photo by Caroline Wright