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Youth Board

Vijay Patel, 'Pull the Trigger' at Pre-Show Degree Show, photo by Rowena Gordon
2007 – 2019

The Artsadmin Youth Board was a collective of young creatives aged 16-25 working together to enable themselves and other creatives to develop their artistic voice.

Set up in 2007, the Youth Board was an integral part of Artsadmin until 2019. Members had a voice across the organisation, from attending board meetings to acting as consultants on projects. In addition to this the Youth Board:

  • Curated and produces live art events and happenings
  • Recieved support for members to develop their own creative practices
  • Attended performances and develops networks
  • Provided a platform for young creatives to showcase their work
  • Offered information and support to young people finding their artistic voice

Youth Board members over the years

  • Adam Charlesworth
  • Aidan Strudwick
  • Alex Lui
  • Catherine Mcrae
  • Clara Bach
  • Colette Patterson
  • Dimitri Lyubomudrov
  • Eno Mfon
  • Grace Gibson
  • Hanaa Ennasr El-idriss
  • Helena Kate Whittingham
  • Holly Riddle
  • James Zatka-Haas
  • Joseph Morgan Schofield
  • Kayleigh Handley
  • Keza Small
  • Khadija Hunter
  • Lil Woods
  • Mariam Turay
  • Matt Wagaine
  • Molly Gough
  • Natasha Connell
  • Renee Roberts
  • Rosie Gibbens
  • Sean Burns
  • Starr Ballard
  • Stefano Pelosato
  • Verity Johnson
  • Vijay Patel
  • Vikesh Godwhani
  • Xanthe Horner

The Artsadmin Youth Board was supported by the Simon Gibson Charitable Trust and Allen & Overy Ben Ogden Memorial Fund.

Date Title Venue City
9 December 2023 Artsadmin Youth: exploring collaborative arts engagement with young people
26 April 2018 The Youth Board Presents... Toynbee Studios
16 November 2017 (TEN) PERAMENTAL Toynbee Studios
21 April 2016 Artsadmin Youth Board: Pre-Show // Degree Show Toynbee Studios
22 October 2015 The Youth Board Presents... Toynbee Studios
9 April 2015 Pre-show // Degree-show Toynbee Studios
18 August 2014 SCRITS Toynbee Studios
10 April 2014 Pre-show // Degree-show Toynbee Studios
26 February 2014 SCRITS Toynbee Studios
23 May 2013 Youth Board: Space Toynbee Studios
The Youth Board Presents...
Vijay Patel, 'Pull the Trigger' at Pre-Show Degree Show, photo by Rowena Gordon