Capitalism Works for Me! (True/False)

Steve Lambert

Starting a conversation about capitalism is like walking up to a stranger and asking, “Can I talk to you about Jesus?”

The word “capitalism” is a red flag. And for good reason because pretty soon someone will be talking at you about “The System” or aggressively confronting you about taxes. As a culture, we need the vision and boldness it takes to discuss the system itself.

Capitalism Works for Me! (True/False) engages people in a deceptively simple true or false vote. The large LED-lit scoreboard sign opens up discussions about the way capitalism affects us all, inspiring critical thinking and new ideas.

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Capitalism Works for Me! (True/False)
NEoN Digital Arts Festival
Capitalism Works for Me! (True/False)
Fierce Festival
#2DegreesFestival | Steve Lambert: Capitalism Works for Me! (True/False)
Multiple locations in East London
Photo by Oliver Rudkin

Photo by Oliver Rudkin

Photo by Oliver Rudkin

Photo by Oliver Rudkin

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