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We curate projects with a commitment to alternative and diverse forms of participation with young people, schools and communities. We believe that art is for everyone and focus on inclusivity and accessibility for all.

An abstract illustration with lots of orange, yellow, teal, pink and green wiggly shapes dancing around on a lilac background

Artsadmin Youth

Returning for 2024-26! Artsadmin Youth, our engagement programme for young people, has been in hibernation since early 2022.…
A black-and-white selfie style photo of artist Abel (they/them), holding the camera gently next to their face and looking into the mirror

AiR: Artist in Residence

AiR is a unique residency pilot project and employment contract for one artist to join for a year…
Jennie Moran, stood in front of a yellow food cart with a red neon glow inside holding an illuminated. Jennie is wearing a yellow dress and holding an illuminated red watering can

Say Yes to Who or What Turns Up

From September – December 2022, artist Jennie Moran was in residence at the Artsadmin Canteen, leading an enquiry into how hospitality works at the hearth and heart of our home
two performers on stage smiling, with audience watching

Creative Criminal Justice Programme

Between 2019-2022 Artsadmin delivered creative projects in prisons and opportunities for people with lived experience of the criminal justice system