Happy Hour

Wendy Houstoun  

A foaming pint of movement and text reveal the state of bitter England, all from the mouth of a barmaid on a bender. As the night wears on and the drink takes hold, bar stool philosophy turns to bar floor desperation. Both disturbing and funny, Happy Hour is a piece about drinking and what happens in a bar.
A maverick to the tip of her toes, [Houstoun] seems to reinvent herself for each new work…it’s daringly brilliant.
The Independent

Wendy Houstoun is a movement/theatre artist who remains committed to finding new forms to address her themes. Over the years, her work has developed a uniquely distinctive style that combines movement with text, and meaning with humour.

Commissioned by Chisenhale Dance Space and developed with Tim Etchells.
© Chris Nash

© Chris Nash

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