Madlove: A Designer Asylum

the vacuum cleaner  

It's no bad thing to need a safe place to go mad. The problem is that a lot of mental health hospitals are more punishment than love...they need some Madlove. 

Is it possible to go mad in a positive way? How would you create a safe place in which to do so? If you designed your own asylum, what would it look like?

Madlove aims to build the most crazy, bonkers mental asylum we dare dream of: a desirable and playful space to go mad, countering the popular myth that people with mental illness are dangerous and scary. 

Part-embedded research, part-utopian imagining, part-hospital designs, Madlove: A Designer Asylum enables visitors to design and create hospitals and models of mutual care in cultural and inpatient settings.

Created with Hannah Hull and collaborators.  

For more information on this project, please contact Gill Lloyd at


15.09.16 -15.01.17
Wellcome Collection
Photo by the vacuum cleaner. 

Photo by the vacuum cleaner. 

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