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The Haircut Before the Party (THBTP)  

The radical hairdresser collective are taking up a “line of flight” across Europe through political and economical crisis, to discover the meanings of revolution today.

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Throughout 2012/2013 they are looking to set up temporary salon structures that act as meeting places, sites of exchange and social environments in which the barber's chair acts as a pedagogical tool, where conversation is nurtured, teased out or performed in social space. People are invited to receive haircuts for free and discuss political issues in a space that encourages immediate solidarities and trust.

The salons take three forms:
Bike Based Salon: a temporary structure unfolding from the back of two bikes. This salon creates space for two people to have a haircut plus the salon's mobile library from which collective readings can be facilitated.

The Kiosk: THBTP have designs for constructivist inspired kiosks that can be made from simple, universal and recycled materials by the host venue or by the artists.

The Shop Front Salon: for longer term events THBTP have transformed shop front spaces into free hair salons and places of social exchange.

The Haircut Before The Party was originally commissioned by Artsadmin for Two Degrees 2011.



The Haircut Before The Party | Mobile Salon
V&A Museum
Mobile Salon
Tuth is Concrete
GRAZ Austria
Mobile Salon
Latitude Festival
Mobile Salon
Mobile Salon
JVA at Jerwood Space
Mobile Salon
Motel Mozique
ROTTERDAM The Netherlands
31.03 -01.04.12
Mobile Salon
The Garage
Photo by Joanne Matthews Play Video

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The Haircut Before the Party and Open Barber's at Latitude 2012 - in pictures.

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