Prima Materia

Ackroyd & Harvey  

Commissioned and presented by Incontri Internazionali d'Arte, galleria d'Arte Moderna - Comune di Spoleto

Arte Domani 1992, Punti di Vista, Spoleto, Italy. International group show curated by Maria Ausilia Binda, Agnes Kohlmeyer, Sylvie Parent.

The walls of a tall vaulted chamber were clad in seed and clay, transforming the white monastic simplicity into a lush, growing environment. An entire ancient olive tree with a bulbous root system was placed at the far end of the room, which was opposite the natural light source. In turn this source cast a shadow of the tree onto the grass walls. Whilst the created environment exuded an atmosphere of calm serenity, it also contained an overwhelming sense of displacement. This can be exemplified by the artist's continuing exploration of polarity reversal, a theme concerning the introduction of natural exterior elements to the interior.
The artists

The artists

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