The Moebius Strip


A Moebius Strip is a two dimensional surface with only one face. A Moebius Strip represents infinity. When you cut a moebius strip in half, lengthways, you get a double moebius strip. If you cut it again you get a triple strip, and so on into infinity.
When you ride a moebius strip, it is like going back to the beginning, in space, on a one-dimensional surface. If you cut it lengthways, then you must continue, and continue, and you will never cross your starting point again. Like life itself, it is a perpetual restart, never from the same point.

The sound surrounding the 5 dancers was full. The space was vibrating. Their bodies were lines in space. The movements were continuous and fluid. The tension came from the density of the movement, from the density of the music. The piece was evolving, in a circular way. Always close to the starting point, always different. The Moebius Strip was a journey that started long before the spectators entered the auditorium.

Gilles Jobin

Franz Treichler

Lighting design
Daniel Demont

Christine Bombal, Jean-Pierre Bonomo, Pierre Rigal, Enora Riviere, Lola Rubio

Technical direction/Sound
Clive Jenkins

Assistant choreographer
Laura Beurdeley

Gilles Jobin

Manuel Vason

Maria-Carmela Mini

Admnistration Lausanne
Delphine Jagot

An Artsadmin project (London, UK). Produced by Parano Fondation (Lausanne, CH) and 36 Gazelles (London, UK) in co-production with Arsenic (Lausanne, CH), Théâtre de la Ville (Paris, F), Music Biennale (Zagreb, HR) Espace Pier Paolo Pasolini (Valenciennes, F), and Zuercher Theater Spektakel (Zurich, CH). With the support of Pro Helvetia (The Arts Council of Switzerland), Loterie Romande, Ville de Lausanne, London Arts, SSA, Fondation Stanley Thomas Johnson, and Canton de Vaud.

The tour 2003-4 was supported by Pro Helvetia (The Arts Council of Switzerland) and Corodis.
Photo: Manuel Vason

Photo: Manuel Vason

Photo: Manuel Vason

Photo: Manuel Vason

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