Here you can download technical information about our projects. If you can't find information on the artist's project you are looking for, visit or email

Amy Sharrocks | Museum of Water

Caroline Wright | Breath Control

Caroline Wright and Helen Paris | Out of Water

Chris Dobrowolski | All Roads Lead to Rome

Chris Dobrowolski | Washed Up Car-Go

Clare Patey | Empathy Museum

Graeme Miller | Beheld

J&J | The art of a culture of hope

METIS | World Factory

Rosemary Lee and Simon Whitehead | Calling Tree

Rosemary Lee | Melt Down

Station House Opera | At Home in Gaza and London

Station House Opera | Dominoes

the vacuum cleaner | Mental

Tim Spooner and Anne Ayçoberry | The Pulverised Palace

Tim Spooner | The Assembly of Animals

Tim Spooner | The Telescope

Tim Spooner | The Voice of Nature

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