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Anne Bean

Until The Flowers Die; An Autobiography and Sixteen Biographies of a Shared Day.
Anne Bean will recreate a 24 hour durational performance which she first presented in June 1973. Audience members are invited to drop in to St Martin's Church to witness and share the artist's process over the course of Midsummer's Eve and the following day.

The artist writes :

“Until the Flowers Die…. was a piece I did in 1973 in which I was a life model for 24 hours. The sub-title was “where is art going and what am I doing in it?” which was the title of the thesis for my fine art degree. It looked at the notion that Duchamp had forced art back into life, siring artists such as Beuys and Warhol and pushing social, philosophical and political boundaries.

Writing, painting and drawing materials were left in the space as well as books such as Life is Real Only Then, When “I am” by G.I. Gurdjieff, John Cage's Silence and A : A Novel by Warhol. The people in the space were invited to draw, write, read or meditate for as long or as short a period as they wished and all the artworks and writing, including my own, were left in situ. The idea of a shared space and a blurred definition of 'audience' is implicit in the piece.”


Date and time

15 June 2006

Please note
This is now a past event.


St Martins Church, Colchester