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Artsadmin creates the conditions for art to explore the spaces in-between. Our work and projects explore the areas between social and environmental justice, the hyper-local and the international.


Artsadmin works with artists, communities and collaborators in the development of creative work and conversations. Ensuring the success of these requires us to be led by our values, and to live them across everything we do.

  • We nurture vision from artists at all stages of their careers, with care and support.
  • We take action to make projects happen locally, nationally and internationally with creativity and ambition.
  • We cultivate connection, with and in-between artists, communities, programming partners  and funders with generosity and humility.
  • We are actively interested in progressing equity, in the projects we produce and the ways we work with commitment and empathy.

What we do

We are a collaborative partner, working with artists as they explore and develop new projects, contexts and ways of working. Everything we do is part of a unique curated artistic programme, from one-off hour-long creative support sessions at our east London home Toynbee Studios to multi-year global partnership platforms.

How we do it

Project-Based Everything we do is project-based. Some are artist-led, and some are conceived and led by Artsadmin. We work to develop and produce these projects and, with venue and festival partners, bring them to audiences locally and globally. At its heart, our work is about collaborating with artists so their projects find the right context, partners and support.

We champion projects that speak to the ‘here and now’ really clearly, where artists are asking questions that feel urgent and essential. We value projects that align with our long-standing insistence that the arts have something to say about the climate emergency and social injustice. We are drawn to projects with an intuitive and rigorous enquiry rather than those making statements about the way the world is or should be. 

The work we produce is neither defined or confined by any one particular artform. We produce creative, risk-taking projects that connect with the DNA of Artsadmin and the post-punk political context in which it was founded in 1979.