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“A two-kilometre-long domino ribbon of white building blocks has done more to bring together the neighbourhood, all ages and all cultures, than a decade of integration programs all together.”

De Standaard, Flemish daily newspaper, on Station House Opera’s Dominoes, produced by Artsadmin

5 womxn standing in a park with their mouths open shouting
Selina Thompson, Immersion. Photo by Bettina Adela

Artsadmin supports artists to create, develop and present projects that explore the areas between social and environmental justice, asking questions that feel urgent and essential. 

In the UK, many artists are living without a stable income or access to resources and only 10% of artists believe they make enough to live on from their art practice*. 

Your donation enables Artsadmin to nurture over 740 artists each year, at any stage of their career, through producing and touring their projects to over 130,000 people globally to free one-on-one support sessions, professional development workshops, resources and residencies. 

How we’re funded

*Source: Arts Council England’s ‘Livelihood of Visual Artists’ report of 2018.

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