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Almost the Same (Feral rehearsals for violent acts of culture)

Julia Bardsley

6.30pm-8pm (6 Feb)
1pm- 7.30pm (7 Feb)

A figure lurks in a dark place of collapse, a theatre of dirt, an ark of humiliation. Beneath the pelt it growls, licks, pants, bites back.

Following from the success of Trans-Acts, Julia Bardsley presents her new solo show at the National Review of Live Art at the Tramway in Glasgow this February.

Created with a sound score by composer Andrew Poppy, the piece examines notions of terror, fear, violence and the beast. The performer is split into two distinctly oppositional aspects; the live 'animal' persona, caged, confined & tethered within the performance space and the other 'civilised' manipulator, a 4th wall video projected persona. What ensues is a battle of wills, a type of war enacted between two facets of the same woman.


Date and time

6–7 February 2008

Please note
This is now a past event.