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Power Plant

Power Plant is a nocturnal world of sound and light – a sensory trail through public gardens. Deep in the park, old gramophones conjure up the sound of mirror balls whilst flowery dresses whisper the Latin names of plants. Clicking insects cast vast moving shadows and shimmering flowerbeds dance to their own tune. Haunting whistles rise and fall as fluorescing arabesques appear in the trees. An eerie requiem of spinning gongs sound as vast balloons breathe unearthly sighs. This collection of intriguing installation artworks features artists Mark Anderson, Anne Bean, Jony Easterby, Kirsten Reynolds and Ulf Mark Pedersen and has been inspired by the natural environment.

A huge success… Power Plant's ingeniously playful array of electronic stunts, kinetic sculptures and sound effects and musical sound effects sprang a series of delightful surprises'.
The Sunday Times

produced by Simon Chatterton


Date and time

26 March – 9 April 2011

Please note
This is now a past event.


10 Days on the Island