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The Life of the Mind: Love, Sorrow and Obsession

Bobby Baker

Anne Bean and the PAVES artists, as well as Bobby Baker, are part of a group exhibition curated by Bob and Roberta Smith at the New Art Gallery Walsall.

Inspired by Sir Jacob Epstein's sculpture of his then 15 year old daughter Esther in which she seems to be resisting the artist's gaze, The Life of the Mind seeks to expose the myth of the great male artist who has special insight into the minds of his more frail female subjects. The exhibition will feature a key number of powerful female artists who give form to the interior world. Each artist resists easy interpretation and in Bob's words, “sticks a sharp pair of scissors into the soft underbelly of male hegemony”.

Participating artists are Liz Arnold, Bobby Baker, Anne Bean, Efi Ben-David, Louise Bourgeois, Sean Burn, Hannah Camille, Helen Chadwick, Vlasta Delimar, Tracey Emin, Sir Jacob Epstein, Theodore Garman, Geoffrey Ireland, Daniel Johnston, Poshya Kakl, Jeff Keen, Yayoi Kusama, Sarah Lucas, Annette Messager, Lucia Nogueira, Sinead O'Donnell, Chris Ofili, Janette Parris, Bob and Roberta Smith, Emma Talbot, Jennet Thomas, Vincent van Gogh, Jessica Voorsanger.


Date and time

21 January – 20 March 2011

Please note
This is now a past event.


The New Art Gallery Walsall