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Dark Haloes, Spooky Drums

Anne Bean with Richard Wilson and Chris Gladwin

In 2009, Anne Bean, Chris Gladwin and Richard Wilson worked together in the Red Jail, Kurdistan-Iraq, an ex-Saddam Hussein building resonant with its recent terrifying past. They animated the entire edifice with sculptured sounds, bringing their varied long-term histories together to create visions and dynamics that moved, thrilled and enthralled the audience. The artists were subsequently invited to be part of Symposium Future Now: Iraq and Contemporary Art at Cornerhouse, Manchester to make a performance reflecting this experience. In 2010 they all contributed to the collective project, TAPS: improvisations with Paul Burwell and they have now been invited to continue their collaboration at Richard Strange’s Cabaret Futura as part of New Territories 2011.

cracks, bangs, thumps, bangs, rattles, splinterings, fractures, shatterings, mist, tensions, gaffer-tape, refraction, string, scissors, echoes, whispers, silence, darkness, explosions, time, blasts, booms, bursts, clangs, claps, clashes, cracks, detonations, discharges, howls, peals, pops, reports, roars, rolls, rumbles, salvos, shots, slams, smashes, thuds, thumps, reflections, thunder, whams, clacks, ambiguities, clicks, clangors, rackets, shatterings, smashings, clanks, clatters, collisions, crashes, spray, scrap, scrimmages, shocks, smashes, wallops, breath, spontaneity, buzzes, hisses, mumbles, murmurs, mutters, sibilations, sighs, squeaks, susurrations, bells, breath, hints, shades, shadows, tinges, whiffs, apparitions, daemons, eidolons, phantasms, revenants, visions, boos, hoots, rasps, wheezes, whirrs, whispers, whistles, whizzes, effervescences, fizzles, froths, hisses, simmers, sparkles, sputters, whooshes, drones, fizzes, hums, murmurs, purrs, rings, ringings, buzzes, hisses, hums, swishes, whirls, whooshes, purrs, barks, bawls, bellows, cackles, caws, clamours, vacillations, clucks, coos, exclamations, groans, shouts, grunt, hisses, hollers, hoot, howls, roars, mewlings, screams, screeches, shrieks, squalls, squawks, trills, vociferation, wails, whines, sibilances, whinnies, whistles, whoops, yammers, yawps, yells, yelps, caterwauls, groans, laments, moans, sighs, sniffs, sobs, squalls, whimpers, whines, yammers, yowls


Date and time

11 March 2011

Please note
This is now a past event.


The Arches (New Territories)