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La Ribot

Following a month long residency in Aichi, Japan, in summer 2010 La Ribot presented a Japanese version of Laughing Hole, along with the early stages of a new work, PARAdistinguidas.

A development of her Distinguished Pieces project made between 1993-2000 which comprised of 34 solos lasting between 30 seconds and 7 minutes performed by herself, Maria will this time be working with three other solo performers together with a cast of 20 local extras.

Making the shift from gallery back to theatre spaces she will be exploring the idea of masses that accumulate in order to combine and multiply amongst themselves. Whilst maintaining the idea of a solo with the performers on stage, the solo will transform into a solo with different women performers who sometimes become “workers” when they are not performing the solo, or extras when the extras are on stage, or spectators when the extras become spectators…

Then everything becomes a heterogeneous mass of roles which are intrinsically separated: soloists, performers, workers, extras, the mass of extras, spectators, the show business mass industry, the political industry, the mass of the people!

Co-produced by la Comédie de Genève, le Pôl Sud, Strasbourg and Festival d’Automne / Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Date and time

26–29 May 2011

Please note
This is now a past event.


La Comédie de Genève