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Mobile Salon

The Haircut Before the Party (THBTP)

As part of Steirischer Herbst, “The Truth Is Concrete”, 24/7 marathon camp, The Haircut Before the Party will be creating a hair salon on the high street in Graz, Austria. In the temporary salon, the barber’s chair acts as a means of communication. The haircuts are free customers are asked to come in and take part in an open discussion about society, politics and public space.

The Graz salon will be open for 7 days (from 3 – 7pm) where the collective will be cutting hair, facilitating conversations and supporting new relationships. The salon will also be a space for people to come and work, play pingpong, host meetings, read a range of international newspapers or simple have a cup of coffee. 

The Haircut Before the Party have also invited guests from the Camp programme to share their ideas and beliefs with the salon audiences.

The Haircut Before the Party will be a guest on “100 questions” a talkshow hosted by Pia Hierzegger at 10.30am on Monday 24 September in the black box space at “The Thruth Is Concrete” camp.


Date and time

21–27 September 2012

Please note
This is now a past event.


Tuth is Concrete