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Madlove – A Designer Asylum – Design Workshop

the vacuum cleaner

Madlove – A Designer Asylum – begins with a question. ‘If you could design your own asylum what would it be like?’ The project invites those with and without mental illness to reconsider – and ultimately change – how mental health is treated.

We are asking people to design a ‘safe place to go mad’ – to redesign the ‘asylum’. A truly collaborative, ambitious, national project that will create a blueprint for a ‘designer asylum’. It asks people to challenge the current social and medical perception of mental health, through a playful, imaginative and positive design process.

The ultimate aim is that this design will be built, in a high profile location, as a temporary ‘asylum’, open to the public. But first we hold regional workshops across the UK to create the blueprint design. These events will involve the spectrum of those who affect the mental health debate; from service users to carers, medical professionals to policy makers, press to the general public.


Date and time

26 January 2015

Please note
This is now a past event.