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Mamoru Iriguchi

Mixing the real and the virtual, Mamoru Iriguchi’s solo GRAFT explores body, space and displacement. One morning, Mamoru finds himself in an office full of laptops that is sinking into a sea of coffee. The evil black liquid seems to gradually swallow everything. And Mamoru's body parts are no exception as they gradually disappear only to reappear in virtual form. GRAFT was commissioned by The Place for their Spring Loaded season 2014 and developed with dramaturgs Selina Patsoupeli and Nikki Tomlinson.

“Gradually, through ingenious interactions with the computers, Mamoru poetically abandons his body parts in the computer screens in order to become bodiless and explore the freedom of endless possibilities.”
Sofia Moura, Theatre Fullstop

“Toying with the boundaries in multimedia, using digital imageries both as a means of critiquing tired ideas and as a way of escaping them, Iriguchi is constantly physicalizing the digital.”
Amelia Forsbrook, Exeunt Magazine


Date and time

1–2 May 2015

Please note
This is now a past event.


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