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Museum of Water

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Museum of Water is a collection of publicly donated water and accompanying stories.

The Museum invites you to consider the ways in which you enjoy water: do you swim in pools, do you splash in puddles, do you drink from taps?

Choose which water is most precious to you. Find a bottle to put it in. Tell us why you chose this water. We will keep it for you.

Accumulating over two years in different sites worldwide, Museum of Water is an invitation to ponder our precious liquid and how we use it.

To donate, or for more information please visit

In celebration of our access to fresh water in this country, running alongside the museum is Water Bar, a free pop-up outdoor bar serving only water.

Give us your water.

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For promoters: download touring pack.

As part of Amy’s time in Coastal Currents we will also present:

Date and time

29–31 August 2015

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This is now a past event.


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