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Madlove: A Designer Asylum

the vacuum cleaner

Design by Christian and Koslowski, illustration by Rosemary Cunningham

It ain't no bad thing to need a safe place to go mad. The problem is that a lot of psychiatric hospitals are more punishment than love…they need some Madlove.

Is it possible to go mad in a positive way? How would you create a safe place in which to do so? If you designed your own asylum, what would it look like?

Artists Hannah Hull and the vacuum cleaner have run Madlove: A Designer Asylum workshops for 432 people with lived experience of mental distress in a range of settings: from high security psychiatric hospitals to activist groups. 

They have accumulated thousands of suggestions for how a utopian mental health hospital could look and work. Here they are presented for the first time through Rosemary Cunningham's illustrations, that sit alongside designers Benjamin Koslowski and James Christian's model of a designer asylum.


Date and time

15 September 2016 – 15 January 2017

Please note
This is now a past event.


Wellcome Collection
183 Euston Rd